In this special Halloween episode, we are honored to have our 750,000th unique listener feed! We Periscope for a little at the beginning--we get to Listener E-mails, special guests Christopher Walken and Arnold Schwarzenegge. Dan jail-breaks his new phone, and we talk hackers and Crackers with Attitude. Vin Diesel also drops by and breaks down his success with the Fast and Furious movies. Basically, we live our live our lives a quarter mile at a time.

We are honored to have Sgt. John Howard, of the United States Marine Corps join us again. We talk China, Iraq, Arnold, and we picked our "Favorite Jew of the Week." This episode is sponsored in part by Zion's Vape, and

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Only one short week after getting married, Dan has already been deported from Canada and given a ticket here in the United States. 
Also, we got the inside scoop of what critics are calling the "Sexiest LDS General Conference Yet."
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