A very musical episode.  Dan got married, p.s.! We got some stories from some unsuspecting wedding attendees the night of the wedding. Morgan Freeman reprises his role as narrator for the kid-tested, mother-approved, segment called FanDjango. 

We spoke to Leroy Harris, country singer in Nashville, TN, recently signed to Winter Records. He tells us about Nashville, and imparts advice, and we played Always or Neva. The Barnes and Barnes music video to "Fish Heads" is way creepy but we karaoke it anyway. 
Also, a special announcement to our Spanish-speaking listeners! 

September 8, 2015


We talk to Grayson, the country chart-topping superstar from Australia. Born Michael Edser, we cover all the bases, which of course, goes straight to, 'Does the toiler water really flush the opposite way?'  

  We also talked about some other awesome singers, Bryan Frates and Lisa Hillary Schmidt, which is how I came to learn Mic in the first place. 

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