April 27, 2015

10 Years Gone

 We discover a prank call from 2010 in our archives, and we've included it in tonight's episode for your enjoyment. There's an all-new game of Always or Neva with a new guest, and a brand new ad for Christian Mingle. And, Landon gets invited to his 10-year High School Reunion. 

Plus, see for yourself HERE how strange and smiley the last scene of "The Lord of the Rings is."  

We discovered Jonah Hill's cell phone number on WikiLeaks, so naturally we made a few calls. Karl Malone dropped by the studio and ordered some basketball jerseys for his son's birthday party. 

We also revisited some of our pranks we made as kids, including calling a store and asking for "party hats." 
We have a lot of fun on the show, but please listen to the end of the show to hear about our humanitarian efforts as well. 
April 13, 2015

I just want to be a horse

We are joined by my friend and your friend, Branson Anderson, and also Dan Perry--your friend. Branson plays some sweet guitar and songs and we even had a celebrity collabo with Christopher Walken. It was a moving number, to say the least. You can also catch Branson at the Hotel in downtown Salt Lake and on SoundCloud

Branson will be playing with the Bectics on April 30th downtown at the Hotel.

We hear from the Angry Reporter, Morgan Freeman returns for FanDjango and Karl Malone joins us in the studio and calls a movie theater to rent out the whole theater for a night. Good fun in this bonus episode. 

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