December 31, 2012

Who put gum in my beer?

Tonight we break it down--we introduce Founder and CEO of, Taylor Witzel aka Tigga T Witz to the show, and talk tats and Karl Malone. Also, Landon has a nephew named Senator; Jeff Dowder from U92.147 FM calls an unsuspecting victim, luring him to win a free car by answering trivia questions. Little does that person know it's all part of the LanDan Show. Also, Landon starts an account on Sponsored in part by and Patagonia

In this special Christmas episode, we break it down--from "self-shopping," the Christmas season, Landon's grandma, Macklemore, and some more karaoke-John Mayer style! Schoeck joins us in studio with his health tips and experience seeing old people work out. Also, Landon does his first oil painting! Disclaimer: The word cun*t is used twice in this podcast.

This could be it, ladies and gents--so we thought we'd cover a bunch of things on this podcast--Hobbit talk (Dan walked out), a message asking Landon's professional opinion on how a dude from Ghana, West Africa, who is skinny right now, could become extremely fat. Also Snoop Dogg (and his green hat) and Gollum.

In tonight's episode, we break it down and take a few calls--Connecticut, Craig's List, Karl Malone, and video games for starving children.

In this episode, we talk about Craigslist (Missed Connections--found stalkers, Mormons drinking caffeine, and a crazy new movie about finding love--Catfish. Also, another movie called “Impostor” as well as Helen Keller, just for fun.

December 8, 2012

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Special guest, comedian Andy Gold joins the show--Sports, drugs, Rock N' Roll. And helicopters.

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